Sunday, 15 September 2019

Wearable Arts

Hi Everyone, 

Room 2's last scheduled day for Wearable Arts preparation is on Wednesday 18th September from 1:45-2pm, as Room 2 is on CRT on Tuesday. 

Our finishing-up tasks are mainly sewing related, and helping the children learn to walk in their outfits together. If you are keen to help, please feel free to come by. 

Kia ora, 
Heather Owen

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Room 1 mathematicians making 3D geometric shapes.

 Zara and Keira won the challenge and made four 3D shapes 
in the shortest amount of time!  Well done girls.  😀

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

My Mother Says... Poem by a group of Room 1 writers

My Mother Says…

My Mother says, shut the door!
My Mother says, get your toys off the floor.
My Mother says, go to bed!
My Mother says, don’t forget Ted.
My Mother says, turn off the light!
My Mother says, stop the fight.
My Mother says, don’t hit your head.
My Mother says, make your bed!
My Mother says, have you brushed your teeth?
My Mother says, there’s something sticky underneath…
My Mother says, good night.
My Mother says, sleep tight.

Created by
Maia, Mason, Oliver, Roseanna, Annabel J & Claudia 

Monday, 9 September 2019

Fix It! Club

Hi folks,

Here are some recent photos from Fix It! Just to let you know, Fix It! will be on this Friday (week 8) as well as next Friday (week 9), but will not be happening on Friday week 10, due to the classrooms needing to be packed-up ready for the move. See you on Friday!

Heather Owen

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Poems written by Room 1 writers

Over the last two weeks we have been learning to write a variety of poems including Verb Poems, 5Ws Poems, Bio Poems and Pensee Poems.  Some of the poems had a set amount of syllables in each line.

Funny, kind, fast
who enjoys playing with my cat
who is able to run fast
who feels hungry
who wonders if there are aliens 
on the dark side of the moon.

My Rabbit by Sophie
My rabbit
eating carrots
everyday in the afternoon
outside in the light
hungry little rabbit.

Eskimo My Cat by Claudia
soft and fluffy
meows until she gets fish
on the rug next to the fire
being very happy.

Rāpeti by Charlie H
Rāpeti is my rabbit
she jumps and hides under the trailer
after school
in the back yard
because we let her out.

Eating by Josh
Munching, crunching, chewing
slobbering, scooping, swallowing
I am hungry!

Bio Poem by Max
One day I was happy playing
X-box in my room
I had an idea to play X-box
while I am on the trampoline
jumping up and down.

Bio Poem by Seth-Aaron 
Fast, funny, arty
who enjoys football and basketball
who is athletic, can bike fast and run fast.
Who feels happy, good and strong.
Who wonders if the Earth is flat.
Who fears sharks,
who cares about dogs,
who dreams of going to the USA.

Eddie by Mason B
Eddie my cat
eating his brown biscuits 
in the morning light
in the laundry
hungry little cat.

My Kitten by Tyson
My kitten Joseph 
escaped from the house
in the middle of the day
hid under the house 
oops shut the door!

All About My Bunny Daisy by Roseanna
Daisy my rabbit
she is cute and funny
she rolls over and her little tongue comes out
she is in the warm lounge on the carpet
she is a very happy bunny.

Pirate the Cat by Ivy
Pirate was a cat
and he was black and white
"I like Pirate," I said
I want a cat.

A Mouse in a House by Annabel J
My little kitten's called Smudge
chasing a mouse in the morning
in the house so we don't have 
any more mice.

Football by Oliver
Zooming, puffing, panting,
kicking, rucking, scoring,
I'm so puffed.


Playing with my Cat Loki by Bella
My cat Loki likes to meow
and run like the wind.
My cat likes to chase little brown birds.
He likes to walk with me.
I laugh at him when he does 
something funny.
I always say "I love you Loki".

Daisy Dot-dot the Rabbit by Maia
nice, mischievous, cheeky
who enjoys escaping, 
being with Jonah and cuddling.
Who is able to escape, 
be stubborn and be friendly.
Who wonders if she'll be
able to get away with escaping.
Who fears earthquakes and loud noises,
who dreams of escaping,
surviving and doing her own thing.

My Dog by Keira W
She is furry
barks so she can play outside
she sleeps in a kennel sometimes
tail wagging when happy.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Touch Rugby

Benny Lamborn and a group of his friends are starting a touch team and need a few girls to join in. 

Games will be on Thursdays between 3.30 and 5 at Waltham Park starting week 1 Term 4. 

Keen? Have a chat with Benny and Mrs Owen :-)